Excellence In Standards & Quality


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Our Values


Select Milk Producers’ Family Dairy Farm members take pride in their milk and set some of the highest standards for milk quality in the nation. All of Select’s Family Dairy Farmers milk is chilled to 36˚ immediately upon milking. This ensures that the quality, freshness and deliciousness stay in the milk from our farms to your family.

Animal Welfare, Care & Comfort

All of Select’s Family Dairy Farm Members participate 100%  in the National Milk Federation’s Farmers Assuring Responsible Management Program, or FARM Program. Prior to this program, we opened up Fair Oaks Farms so people could see exactly how our Family Dairy Farm Members operate.


Pioneering the way forward for sustainability, Fair Oaks Farms has proven that using the waste from a dairy farm can be used to power that same farm and more. The excess electricity we produce is sold to the local power company where it is then used by those around us. We have taken that a step further and partnered with RUAN Trucking and have them use our CNG gas made from the manure to transport our milk to our customer’s plants. Many of our other Family Dairy Farm Members are close to Fair Oaks, and these trucks also haul all their milk. We have reduced the amount of diesel fuel used to haul our milk by over 2 million gallons.